We are not in disagreement. I just wanted to mention this because I think, if more stories were told about how white people are impacted by police brutality, it might get more white people to actually care, (since far too many of them don't seem to care, if they think its only happening to poc), and that if they think they might be subject to it , they might do more about it. (Then again, that might not work either. After all, these are people who do not want to care about other people.)

Of course the unfortunate trade off would be centering white people in the middle of a discussion that impacts us the hardest. Sadly, some people are only moved to do something when they think it might impact them. Mentioning police violence of white people more often, might (?) get them to realize the systemic nature of the problem, in a way that we don't seem to be getting across now.


(She/Her) Busybody librarian from Ohio.

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