My Four Point Criteria For Troll-Blockin’

Following any of these four criteria has always worked for me in deciding who (and when) to Block!

Lakitha Tolbert


I’ve been writing comments on other people’s stories. If you’re one of my Followers, (lemme lay some respect on that noun), then that’s primarily what you know me for. I’ve written a few stories but they don’t have much resemblance to my commentary, and I’m guessing that’s much of the reason why those stories don’t attract people who want to try me (rather than Shea butter).

I’m dedicated to maximizing my happiness online, and that means I do not argue with the ignorant, the stupid, the lazy, or just the truculent who like to fight. I’m not online to pick a fight. (I’m Black and a woman. I can find a fight anywhere for free.) I’m also not particularly interested in dialogue. I do engage sometimes (because some people are just fun to talk to — Hi Walter! Hi James!) but never on anyone’s terms but mine. Don’t get me wrong. I love it when people are interested in the things I have to say, and I try to contribute something meaningful or insightful to whatever conversations I join, even if its nothing more than an affirmation, but these are also things I would say even if no one was listening.

Apparently though, I wrote a comment on someone else’s article that struck a nerve with some people, but in the interests of fairness, (because we’re all about fairness here at the Overlook Hotel), I gave them the benefit of the doubt and disregarded my four point criteria for vetting trolls, and I got burned.

Unlike some conscience stricken individuals on Medium, I don’t have a problem telling the difference between people who want to have a conversation, or are genuinely curious about something I said, and a bad actor who either wants me to shut up or to waste my emotional energy arguing with them. (I am 53 years old and getting closer to the grave everyday. Arguing with strangers on the internet is a young person’s game because they have both the time and the energy.)

So in the interest of saving a life, (and someone’s time), for all the rest of you Short-timers, here’s my four point criteria for blocking the foolish on Obama’s internet.

  1. They Are Not PoC