White men have been controlling the narrative of how great a people they are for four hundred years. A lot of them have been coasting on this supposed greatness by proxy. They are not used to being told, by those they’ve spent the past few centuries harming, that they simply aren’t all that great, at all. And many of them feel some type of way about that. They truly don’t like being seen for what they were/are.

I’ve been paying closer attention to the images filmmakers use to tell their stories. A film is a time-intense form of media, in that the actual filming itself needs to take place within a certain amount of time, after which, the images are edited, to happen within a certain time…

This also doesn't take into account the idea that white people feel entitled to have access to Black bodies, and get insulted when we don't allow them to pet us as if were dogs and cats. Its a pattern of behavior that says nothing about me, but says about white people that they have no manners, and that their beliefs about bodily autonomy, and not touching strangers, doesn't apply to us.

Lakitha Tolbert

Busybody librarian from Ohio.

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